Honduras is located in Central America, bordering Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. It has a small coast line in the south on the Pacific Ocean and a long coast line in the north on the Caribbean Sea. Most of the country is covered in mountains, along with a large rainforest jungle. Honduras also has three main islands in the Caribbean, known as the Bay Islands – Roatán, Guanaja, and Útila.

Honduras was originally settled by the Mayans. Some of their ancient cities can be still seen today in places like Copan, which was abandoned around 800 A.D. Christopher Columbus visited Honduras during his last voyage to the New World and he named the place Honduras, meaning depths, for the deep waters off the coast. The region would be known as Spanish Honduras during its years as a Spanish Colony. Honduras received its independence in 1821 and is now is an Independent Republic.

Today, Honduras is an agricultural country with two-thirds of the population working on farms. Their main export is Coffee, which grows throughout the central mountains. Honduran coffee is internationally recognized as one of the best coffees in the world. Other major exports include fish, vegetables, fruits, and clothing.

Honduras suffers from a weak economy and political instability. 20% of the country lives in extreme poverty. This has led many to a life of crime and some to join gangs. The region has become one of the most violent in the world. Many of the people seek work outside of the country with almost a half million Hondurans living in the United States.

Catholicism is the dominant religion in Honduras with half the population adhering to the Roman Catholic Church. The largest growth in recent years has been with the Pentecostal Churches as many Hondurans are emotionally attracted to the loud music and dancing. However, most Hondurans are seeking what ritualism and emotionalism cannot offer. They are seeking the knowledge and light that only be found in the Scriptures and by the Holy Spirit.

In Acts 16, a man was praying for someone to come over and help them. After that prayer, the Apostle Paul, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, immediately endeavored to go and preach the gospel unto them. We believe today that many Hondurans are praying this same prayer. They are praying for someone to come to them and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.